Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent poetry

I plan to enter these in the upcoming County Fair that my town hosts. I live in a small town with few writers, so hopefully my poems will get good reviews!

"Reflections of Fallen Kingdoms"

I used to be a queen, I used to have a crown,
but now you've run away and have left me feeling down.

I've spent many a night, fighting to erase the images of your face,
but never can I forget the feeling of your embrace.

You tell me all the things that every girl wants to hear,
but when I think of your broken promises, I always shed a tear.

I trusted you when you told me you wanted me to be your wife,
but now I'm alone and all that remains is strife.

Don't ask me why I still love you, I have plenty of reasons to hate,
but since God's telling me to, I plan to always wait.

You've lost something irreplaceable, therefore I know you'll suffer with much pain,
on your darkest night, I hope you see my ghost as it stands out in the rain.

I do not plan on seeking revenge,
however I do know that your time of joy will soon come to an end.

As you lie to her and repeat all the things you once said to me,
I hope she can find a way to escape the greatest agony.

Your future looks dull because of the things that have been done,
only sincerity and redemption can stop what you've begun.

You no longer love me, this I've come to accept,
but whenever you remember how much I cared for you, I hope you question your "logical" concept.

I feel like I've been hurt beyond repair,
but I just thank God that even though you're gone, HE'S still there.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

"Royalty in Reserve"

Fellow royalty, take heart and be wise,
sometimes your enemy will be in disguise.

Don't let the thief take your crown or your throne,
for he will lie to you until he can call what's rightfully yours "his own".

He may seem innocent and sweet at first,
but he will stop at nothing to make you feel your worst.

He will bow before you and kiss your feet,
but will laugh at you, hurt you and refuse retreat.

Charmed you may be by his magic and his voice,
but soon you will regret your unlikely choice.

Do not open your door when he comes and knocks,
be sure to instead tie your windows and check the locks.

This boy I speak of is no man,
he is a child of deceit and will lie to you if he can.

I know these things, have seen them and have come to warn,
because I've seen his destruction, I advise you, when he comes, to scorn.

Do not harm him in any way except his pride,
the best way to do this is to never, ever be snide.

Show this child everything he cannot be,
make him say, "Why on earth do they care for ME?"

Pray for him and show him his options,
but know in your heart that only God can stop him.

The Lord created this person with a plan and a purpose,
however, He will not let him continue to intentionally hurt us.

Be careful and know you're not alone in your fight,
the Lord sees everything and knows what you need to make it through each night.

Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve,
you are, after all, royalty in reserve.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

"Where It Began"

I cannot find my heart. Where, oh where has it gone?
I look but do not touch because I'm afraid to be alone.

What if the next person leaves me after telling me loads of lies?
Will I be smart enough to see the demon in his cleverest disguise?

The darkness creeps up on me and holds me in it's tightest grasp.
I sit in the shadows, waiting, how long will this nightmare last?

"Go away," I scream with all my might and power.
Forever, this seems... though it's only been an hour.

It's as if I've died and am watching someone else's life from above.
What happened and how will I find my one, real, true love?

I cried out with my whole heart and said, "I love and I need you."
But in all your pride and arrogance, you couldn't say "I love you, too."

I often wonder, now that I'm alone, "Why the heck did I even bother?"
My children, when they are born, will be glad that you're not their father.

I'm cold... but no longer reach for your hand.
You instead turn away and now I understand.

You're not good enough, you said it a million times, a million ways.
I'm looking for the one whose love won't leave, but instead always stays.

"Wake me from this dream," I pray each and every night.
Soon though, I know I'll get my wings and take flight.

Every bit of trust I once had is now history.
Why it had to be this way is nothing but a mystery.

I fell down, down, down; into the deepest pit.
My body aches all over. Oh what must I have hit?

I feel so confused and frustrated by all of this.
It's as if I'm not myself... is there something I could have missed?

The moon goes down and the sun comes up.
All that's left of my feast is now a single, empty cup.

My tears are black and streaked, too many I cry each day.
It won't be like this forever and I refuse to fade away.

Don't tell me you care if, in truth, you don't at all.
I've climbed up to the top and you will not make me fall.

Some may call it silly, but I know it's what I must do.
I'm hiding my feelings away, but maybe, one day, they'll reach out to you.

I have so much to say, yet I say nothing whatsoever.
I can keep you guessing from now until the end of forever.

My heart is still missing, but maybe someone will, one day, return it to me.
And when that someone comes, I pray that he'll be everything he needs to be.

I'm really trying to be smart and keep my wits about.
All in all, I have to say though, it's very hard not to doubt.

I put my hand on my heart and felt it beating inside.
In the face of death I whispered, "No. You, my friend, are the one I've defied."

My time is not yet over, try and catch me if you can.
For this is not the end, but only where it began...

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010