Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dreams of Nightmares

Another poem (or short story, in this case) I wrote about my frequent dreams and nightmares.


"Dreams of Nightmares"

Staring into the darkness as I try to sleep,
While wishing and wondering, my sanity I try to keep.

After hours of tossing and turning,
I close my eyes to stop their burning.

I start to hear voices whispering in my ear,
I ask "Who's there," but nothing do I hear.

My heart beats fast and I feel cold,
Try as I may, I cannot be bold.

I tell myself "You're dreaming,"
Only, as I say those things, I hear someone screaming.

Everything around me flashes and fades away,
All that's left now is me and my dismay.

Terror sweeps over me as I look all around,
I say "Hello," but no one is to be found.

I can still hear the voices and I still feel cold,
"This can't be happening," I whisper as the night gets old.

Blow after blow comes from invisible sources,
I try as hard as I can to I fight back at these forces.

Just when I feel I can take no more,
A hand reaches down and opens a door.

I limp to the exit, nearer to death than I've ever been before,
I hear lightening strike and I fall down to the floor.

My eyes are closed and my body frozen,
But something snatches me from the death that was thought to be chosen.

I fell down through a deep tunnel without much care,
I opened my eyes and inhaled, gasping for air.

Next thing I know, I'm back in my bed,
I sat up slowly and touched my head.

All along, I thought I was, somehow, in reality,
But every night, my nightmares end up getting the best of me.

I wrap myself up and try to stop shivering,
My teeth chatter and my hands refuse to cease their quivering.

The voices stop and my heart slows down,
But just as this happens, I see the sun and make a frown.

My whole night was spent in terror and in vain,
My body aches and I wish I could escape the pain.

My dreams used to be filled with laughter and of fun,
But now, I fear, my horrors have just begun.

I do not know why things happen the way they do,
I know I'm not alone and that you dream, too.

Hiding away, I lock the doors and pray,
Someday soon, peace will come to me and stay.

When I go to bed tonight, I'm sure I'll dream some more,
I only hope that it's of things that don't shake me to my core!

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

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