Thursday, May 20, 2010

Princess in the Tower

I wrote this poem while attending a rather boring meeting. Boredom often brings out the best in a creative mind! I'm very happy with how this particular piece turned out.

"Princess in the Tower"

Hoping for someone to hold,
All the while, growing old.

A princess sits and waits,
In her heart stirs much debate.

Peering out her window, feeling very alone,
Her hands are clasped together but are still cold as stone.

Her feet, back and forth, are pacing,
Her mind constantly racing.

"Oh, how much longer must I wait?",
With her whole being she questions fate.

In her tower, she dances around,
Her supposed "prince charming" is nowhere to be found.

With her fingertips, she writes in the dust,
All the world's treasures are becoming piles of rust.

Content she will forever pretend to be,
"Lucky" she considers those with no memory.

Hopeful, yet discouraged, determined yet dismayed,
Who is brave enough to find her, without their heart being decayed?

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

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