Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thinking of Me, Thinking of You

This wasn't written for any particular reason or with any particular person in mind. It's really just another one of my lonely and heartfelt tales with little hints of self-reflection and personal confession.
"Thinking of Me, Thinking of You" 

Cold and alone, I lay here without much feeling.
I wait, hope and pray for strength and for healing.

I do not hear with my ears, nor do I see with my eyes.

My heart and soul do everything now, seeing as how my body only cries.

I need to feel again. I need to brought back to life.

Telling me you love me, and not meaning it, is the same as stabbing me wit
h a knife!

Maybe it won't be like this for too much longer... maybe I'll be okay.

I'm just sitting here, waiting, for someone to come and to stay.

Don't tell me only what I want to hear... tell me the truth 'cause I'm tired of lies.

People that are untrue and unfaithful; those are the people I despise.

I'm not like the others and yet I feel the same.
Is there anyone out there that can hear my voice, anyone who knows my name?

The person you see on the outside isn't me at all.

The real me is hidden, it is not of this world; this world that is so very small.

Although I've been cheated and regardless of the fact that I am broken,

My life must go on and I must hear the words that, from my heart, are spoken.

Imperfect and flawed, that's who I am and who I will always b
Is it too much to want someone to love and to care for me?

I rest my head and I shut my eyes in a desperate attempt to go to sleep.
My prayer isn't just to survive or for Him, my soul, to keep.

I know I'm not the only one and that life must go on...
However, I feel an emptiness that cuts me deep down; all the way to my bone.

I'm not what I seem and I'm not who you think
Drowning in an ocean of memories, I will forever continue to sink.

Not really knowing who I am or what to do,

I'm still here in your mind, thinking of me... and me, thinking of you.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

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