Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lost and Lonely

A lot of my poems have a theme about them, I've noticed. They're greatly influenced by the feelings I have during the moment that I decide to write. Most are very melancholy, as I'm sure most people can see.
Writing has become a great outlet for me and it's encouraged a lot of other artistic abilities to surface. I'm grateful for these feelings, however lonely they may be. They're helping me to become a stronger person with each release.


"Lost and Lonely"

Watch me as I sleep. Keep me safe from the storm.
Can't you feel my body shaking? Won't you keep me warm?

I hear the thunder far away, ever growing near.
Don't wake me as I lay here dreaming. It's only reality I fear.

Look into my eyes and take my lifeless hand.
This moment will soon be gone. Lost forever like a grain of sand.

The clouds form around me and I forget where I'm going.
In which place can I find the knowledge of the knowing?

A hungry soul and a tortured mind,
This life hasn't been easy... and it certainly hasn't been kind.

Oh, please take me away. I long to go where I cannot, at the moment, see.
I suppose I'll just have to wait though. Wait for someone to set me free.

Fragile and fading is the dream within my heart.
Confused and unsure, but never completely apart.

Hold me and tell me all the things I need to hear.
Whisper that you love me and that you'll always be near.

Talking to these shadows and running my hand along the wall,
I do believe I've gone insane... but who, to help me, can I call?

Humming an old tune and simply lying on the ground,
I wait and wait, for eternity, hoping to be found.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2010

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