Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vintage Christmas

In light of the steampunk/vintage photos I'm making now, I decided to go ahead and make one for Christmas time. Thanksgiving is tomorrow (and I'm not trying to rush the holiday) but I couldn't wait to post this. I'm planning to use it as the cover for my custom Christmas cards.


Photo of little girl is compliments of... OLD PHOTO ALBUM

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Civil War Program, PhotoShop Edits and Artwork

I helped my dad with a project on PhotoShop last night and was just too proud of the results not to share them on here! The "Coke Ovens Park and Museum" (founded by my family) in Dunlap, Tennessee is hosting a "Civil War" themed program this weekend on November 20th. The poster my dad made to announce the event is below along with two other photos that will be featured during the presentation. The photos are of my great-great grandfather in his Confederate uniform. For more information about the Coke Ovens Park and Museum, visit our FaceBook page or add Carson Camp on FaceBook.

Also, while on my own laptop last night, I played around with PhotoShop some more. Being quite inspired by itkupilli after looking at her artsy blog all day, I decided to make the picture below. "Tears Are Words You Cannot Say".

One more thing! I drew this picture while taking a break from cleaning out my closet late yesterday evening, haha. First pencil drawing I've done in a while. First one of November, at least. Hope you enjoy it. I titled it "Remember And Forget".

Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Findings and Edits

Random pictures I found over the past week. Links are included (on most) and will lead you to the picture's original home.



Also, I've been using my new PhotoShop CS5 program along with the "Picnik" application on FaceBook. Here are my two latest creations.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe

As you can probably guess, I am an Edgar Allan Poe fan. His poetry inspires the feeling in a lot of the poems I write (even though the writing style is different). Lots of people say Mr. Poe would be appalled by the "emo poems" of today... but I actually think he would be proud to see that writers still exist in this day and age.

I happened to come across these Poe themed things tonight and wanted to post them.

Beautiful necklace. Wouldn't mind having this piece myself!

Simply put... I love it.

This video tells the story of "The Tell Tale Heart" dreadfully well!