Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Steampunk Jewelry

Below is a menagerie of the steampunk jewelry I've acquired recently. The first photo is of a bracelet I purchased at a folk festival in September of 2010. The woman who designed the bracelet was very talented. She suggested the bracelet to me after overhearing me talk about my love for steampunk style. I proceeded to buy two other bracelets from her after looking around and finding others that I liked. Couldn't help myself.

The photos in between the top and bottom display the matching clockwork necklace, ring and earrings that I found at Claire's. I was surprised to find such items in that store, honestly. Claire's is perfect for the brighter and more colorful jewelry I wear; but they rarely seem to have anything of a rustic or natural color. Lucky find, I suppose!

The last photo is one of myself wearing the "gearring" from Claire's and the steampunk ear cuff I bought from Etsy in summer of 2010

I hope you enjoy the jewelry!