Friday, February 4, 2011


I poem intended for the children I hope to be blessed with in the future. I want them to follow their hearts and listen to words of wisdom rather than words of popularity.



Fallen and forgotten are the dreams of days gone by.

Some people pursue them, but others die.

A child is born with a creativity and a desire all its own.
These things soon pass away, if not kept alive and if never shown.

How can you be yourself if you always conform to the ways of your peers?
In a matter of no time, you'll become the greatest of your fears.

Let go of the lies within your heart and soul; see the light of who you really are.
See the sky above you? Somewhere in heaven shines your very own star.

My daughter, my son; I beg of you to listen to me.
No matter what they say, in the midst of manipulation, you always need to be free.

Don't lose sight of yourself while spending time in this place.
You're beautiful as you are and this truth glows upon your face.

Strive to be unique. Strive to be real. Strive to be true.
Show the world your true colors. Don't lie to yourself and give up until you're completely through.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2011

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