Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace and Calm

After the horrifying storms that struck my home state, the surrounding states and the town I reside in, I decided to write this short poem of thanks to my Creator. I'm glad my friends and family are safe. 


"Peace and Calm"

Sitting in the blackness and hoping for some light,
You enter through the door and don't put up a fight.

With a calm voice and a caring hand,
You reach down and open my eyes, without anger and without demand.

I feel afraid only until I see Your face,
You pull me up to hold me in Your embrace.

Never before have I felt such peace,
I know Your love will never, ever cease.

With each new day I feel alive,
I look forward to the day when You, once more, arrive.

Thank You for all that you do,
I'll forever put my faith and trust in YOU.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2011

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