Friday, June 17, 2011


We all endure tough times that leave painful scars, both on our bodies and on our hearts. Letting go of the past we despise is much harder than it should be. Learning our strengths and weaknesses is crucial to the process of moving on.



In my life, I've seen chaos and have experienced joy.
Through my heartache and through my happiness, I've also learned not to be a toy.

I've heard lies and I've told a few myself.
I've come a long ways with my feelings; never putting any of them on a shelf.

There will forever be a pain and a doubt that I cannot erase.
Regardless of what happens to my fragile dreams, I will always chase.

Looking forward is much harder than what I would hope.
The past smothers me to the point where it's difficult to cope.

My weary wings are too weak to fly very far.
Feeling alone in a crowd, I look at my many scars.

I remember too much and can't ever seem to forget the things I should.
If I could go back and redo some of what I regret in my life, I would.

People say you heal in time, but is it true?
The number of times I've recovered is too few.

Explaining the words my soul has to say...
It's not something that can be by the light of this day.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2011

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