Friday, February 17, 2012


My newest poem, written for anyone who's suffered under the cruel reign of depression. This piece was also written in consideration of those who, like me, have a troubled past that they struggle to erase from memory...


Feelings shouldn't remain so long after they've been excused.
Let down by so many, it's impossible not to feel used.

The past screams out painful memories, too loud to ignore.
Walking ever slowly, I enter through a forbidden door.

Wiping the tears away and standing upon the frozen ground,
I'll break these chains without a single noise; without a single sound.

I begin to feel my broken wings healing once more.
I'll fly again soon, even beyond this lonely shore.

Friends fade and lives change as years pass us by.
It's okay to stay awake at night and it's okay to cry.

All hope isn't lost yet. No, not now.
The question isn't "when" you get there, it's all about "how".

To all of you who suffer from the things others cannot see,
Just remember that only you can choose who you truly want to be.

Make a wise decision and walk proudly, even through the rain.
After doing this for a long enough time, you'll forget your pain.

Copyright Casandra Camp 2012