Thursday, August 9, 2012

Young Hearts

A poem about learning to love, coping with loss and grief and standing on your own feet again after growing and maturing...


"Young Hearts"

How fragile the heart can be in early days.
Nothing is what it seems and all is covered by a haze.

We trust and we become untrustworthy in an attempt to love.
We run and chase until we fall, being forced to look up above.

How terrible it is to take hold of something we desire but cannot keep.
How defeated our hearts feel when sinking so very deep.

One must taste the bitterness of failure before rising once more.
Being strong is our hope when we're unsure of what to fight for.

We're all lost souls, wandering through a life that feels like a dream.
Be cautious when showing your affection, for things are not always what they seem.

See, even a darling little girl could have a plan for your demise...
And, maybe the scary beast in the forest is really just an angel in disguise!

Do not let your heart wander away on a path of false hope.
Escape the chains of forgetfulness and learn how to cope.

Fall asleep with dreams of happiness in your mind.
The clock of time never stops to reset or to rewind.

The breeze runs its long fingers through your hair,
Whispering its secrets and its lonely despair.

All the time in the world belongs to you right here and now.
Learn the best way to spend it and try to teach others how.

           Copyright Casandra Camp 2012  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Modeling & Taxidermy

 I was playing around at home with a couple outfits for a photo shoot I had with a friend on the 25th of July; here's what I ended up wearing. I decided black and white would be the best look.


In addition, I have a new animal skull (or, "bare-bone taxidermy") project at hand! This time, my subject is that of what I suspect to be a coyote. My brother found and cleaned the skull, giving it to me as a gift. 

Needless to say, I have some great things in store for this beautiful animal skull.