Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beats Antique Concert

On October 6th, I had the pleasure of witnessing the best concert of all time... BEATS ANTIQUE! They came to a local venue in the city where I live and preformed an incredible show. The band consists of three people and they're all extremely talented. The visuals for the show were mind-blowing and intense. The opening act featured a background of eerie houses with lights in the windows and a large tree house in the middle, also with lit windows. I've posted a few photos below of the opening act taken by my friend and hair stylist, Tootsie von Comare... 

Dancer, Zoe Jakes, was everything I was hoping for her to be... and more!
I have been a fan of Zoe since 2010 when I first became a little more serious about the art of belly dance. I've watched several of her videos and have hoped to see her preform in person. She was awesome, to say the least. 
An even cooler thing was that she nearly picked me to go onstage with her! During her "game show" segment, she needed a volunteer to help with a prop that was part of the act. She made eye-contact with me as she headed my way after opening the gate at the side of the stage. Another girl jumped in front of me and Zoe chose her instead (likely because she was pressed for time and needed to get back onstage). Oh, well!
I've been told before that I look like Zoe and it's definitely a compliment I never get tired of hearing!
Here are some more of the photos my friend Tootsie captured during the show. My camera wouldn't cooperate well, otherwise I would have taken some photos myself!

This is the poster for the Beats Antique show. They preformed at Track 29 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loretta the Deer

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of making a new friend named "Loretta". 
She's no typical friend, however... she's a deer friend!

Loretta is the pet of an elderly man named Perry Sullivan who I met with my family while driving home from an apple orchard on Dayton Mountain in Tennessee. 
"Wooden's Apple Orchard", to be exact. The orchard is owned and operated by some of my distant family members. They have the best apple pies, fritters, slushies and cider! I love that place. I make a point to visit the orchard every year during the fall.

I saw Loretta crossing the road in front of the car while driving down the road and noticed that she was wearing a pink collar. The deer crossed the road and walked into Perry's yard, coming to a standstill beside him. She then began eating a watermelon that had been cut up and put on the ground.

Perry noticed our car on the road and saw my dad leaning out the window to take a photo with his Canon camera (which he makes sure to take everywhere he goes). That's when Mr. Sullivan invited us to come over and pet the deer he had raised from a very young age.

Loretta was a baby who had been abandoned by the side of the road after her mother had been injured and possibly killed by the traffic. The mother was nowhere to be found when Perry's family found Loretta. Perry's family let him know about the fawn and he soon decided to bring her into his home.

Perry raised Loretta on a bottle and she soon became healthy and strong, growing faster with each day. 
Mr. Sullivan even said that Loretta will watch television with him and eat cornbread! Amazing, in my opinion. Loretta thinks she's a dog! haha

Perry doesn't always have Loretta in his house though. In fact, she's always outside unless she wants to come in. She even has two babies of her own now! Perry has seen them from a distance, but Loretta hasn't brought them close just yet. She's a very protective mother, I suppose.

Here are a few photos my boyfriend and father took of the experience with Loretta...


Monday, September 23, 2013

My Autumn Dream

I wrote a new poem today in honor of the season that has once again shown its lovely face...
So happy that fall has finally arrived!

~ My Autumn Dream ~

I opened my eyes and felt the brisk air rushing through the trees.

I looked down and saw leaves piled up to my knees.

I buttoned my coat and tightened my scarf before my daily stroll.

The summer has finally ended after taking its heavy, exhausting toll!

I slide my hands into my pockets and feel the warmth they provide.

Today is so lovely, I don't think I'll ever go back inside!

Breathing in and breathing out, I take in everything around me.

All the world seems right and just the way that it should be.

Walking on the old forest path, leaves crunch beneath my feet.

I'm glad I no longer have to endure the hot sun or the cruel heat.

I see a campfire struggling to keep its tiny, glowing embers alive.

For those who love nature, autumn allows them to truly strive.

Squirrels play and race in the distance, gathering their food for winter time.

Go outside and enjoy your surroundings... they don't even cost a dime!

As I near the town, I smell the freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies.

Truly, the possibilities of this season are as endless as the skies!

Orange, red and yellow decorate the shops and homes I walk past.

Oh, how I wish this unique feeling would stay here and always last!

I look up to see the rays of the sun softly shining through and drifting down.

I continue walking and smiling on the sidewalk and through the town.

The evening is upon me and the wind is becoming cooler as the sun hides its face.

         My dream of autumn is vivid and colorful; it's a beautiful place.

copyright Casandra Camp 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Aleowo Art

I just got back from my vacation cruise to the Bahamas and was extremely glad to find this custom drawing waiting for me...


This piece was drawn by a talented artist of whom I stumbled upon while browsing deviantART. She goes by "alexowo" and her work consists of the dark and eerie coming together to create a unique beauty unlike anything I've seen before.

 Obviously, I asked for her depiction of me after showing her several photos and giving her a quick description of myself. I absolutely love her portrayal! 

Here are a few more artworks by Alex that I'm in love with... 
Click on each photo for a link to the original art page on deviantART.
Visit Alex today and admire her incredible works!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cloud - Taxidermy Project

It's been quite some time since I've updated this particular blog! I have so many different webpages now that's it's difficult to update each and every one of them as often as I'd like. 

I recently moved into a new apartment in downtown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The process of moving can always be a struggle, especially when working full-time and trying to spend time with loved ones. Blogging is always last on my to-do list, but I've somehow managed to work it in for this evening. Thank goodness!

Regardless of being absent from this page, I have created some new art and jewelry pieces. I'm still in the process of working on them, but below are a few photos of an upcoming "taxidermy" project I'm trying to finish.

The taxidermy project happens to be a female deer I've named "Cloud". I'm writing a story to go with her description once I list her for sale on Etsy. Her story will likely consist of her noble reign as the "queen of the forest". I've had ideas for her story floating around in my mind for days now!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Moonstone Features

It's time for some Etsy features! This time, I'm showing off a few Moonstone-themed jewelry pieces. Moonstone is the most beautiful of all stones, in my opinion. It's been said to attract love, provide protection, aid in sleep and even help with weight loss. The lore of the stone doesn't interest me nearly as much as its appearance; it's entrancing and beautiful beyond words...