Monday, September 23, 2013

My Autumn Dream

I wrote a new poem today in honor of the season that has once again shown its lovely face...
So happy that fall has finally arrived!

~ My Autumn Dream ~

I opened my eyes and felt the brisk air rushing through the trees.

I looked down and saw leaves piled up to my knees.

I buttoned my coat and tightened my scarf before my daily stroll.

The summer has finally ended after taking its heavy, exhausting toll!

I slide my hands into my pockets and feel the warmth they provide.

Today is so lovely, I don't think I'll ever go back inside!

Breathing in and breathing out, I take in everything around me.

All the world seems right and just the way that it should be.

Walking on the old forest path, leaves crunch beneath my feet.

I'm glad I no longer have to endure the hot sun or the cruel heat.

I see a campfire struggling to keep its tiny, glowing embers alive.

For those who love nature, autumn allows them to truly strive.

Squirrels play and race in the distance, gathering their food for winter time.

Go outside and enjoy your surroundings... they don't even cost a dime!

As I near the town, I smell the freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies.

Truly, the possibilities of this season are as endless as the skies!

Orange, red and yellow decorate the shops and homes I walk past.

Oh, how I wish this unique feeling would stay here and always last!

I look up to see the rays of the sun softly shining through and drifting down.

I continue walking and smiling on the sidewalk and through the town.

The evening is upon me and the wind is becoming cooler as the sun hides its face.

         My dream of autumn is vivid and colorful; it's a beautiful place.

copyright Casandra Camp 2013

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