Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beats Antique Concert

On October 6th, I had the pleasure of witnessing the best concert of all time... BEATS ANTIQUE! They came to a local venue in the city where I live and preformed an incredible show. The band consists of three people and they're all extremely talented. The visuals for the show were mind-blowing and intense. The opening act featured a background of eerie houses with lights in the windows and a large tree house in the middle, also with lit windows. I've posted a few photos below of the opening act taken by my friend and hair stylist, Tootsie von Comare... 

Dancer, Zoe Jakes, was everything I was hoping for her to be... and more!
I have been a fan of Zoe since 2010 when I first became a little more serious about the art of belly dance. I've watched several of her videos and have hoped to see her preform in person. She was awesome, to say the least. 
An even cooler thing was that she nearly picked me to go onstage with her! During her "game show" segment, she needed a volunteer to help with a prop that was part of the act. She made eye-contact with me as she headed my way after opening the gate at the side of the stage. Another girl jumped in front of me and Zoe chose her instead (likely because she was pressed for time and needed to get back onstage). Oh, well!
I've been told before that I look like Zoe and it's definitely a compliment I never get tired of hearing!
Here are some more of the photos my friend Tootsie captured during the show. My camera wouldn't cooperate well, otherwise I would have taken some photos myself!

This is the poster for the Beats Antique show. They preformed at Track 29 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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