Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HMNS - Texas Adventures

My life has changed so quickly in the past few months. In January, I moved to Houston, Texas with my future husband. Being completely oblivious as to what the city has to offer, I've been trying to explore a bit here and there. Atticus (my fiancé) grew up in the Houston area, but the city is growing day by day and it's fun for the both of us to get out and see what interesting things are available.

Recently, we took a trip to the "Houston Museum of Natural Science" and saw several extraordinary exhibits. I love museums and took as many photos as I possibly could! I loved being allowed to snap a few pictures. Most museums are very strict about photography. 

I encourage anyone who hasn't been to this museum to visit asap! It is incredible. Click here for a link to the HMNS website.

Enjoy the photos!

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