Sunday, August 10, 2014


 This poem was inspired by the place I will always consider to be my home: Tennessee. I hope you enjoy it!
A place of solitude, a place to rest.
A place filled with beauty that I consider to be the best.

The sun isn't harsh in summer and the winter is just right.
A new world is discovered when you look up and see the stars at night.

A tent with s'mores and a campfire just outside is my idea of fun.
So many great experiences are to be had, it's only just begun!

The mountains are so high, you will feel incredibly small.
You'll fall in love with the environment, but that's not all!

I was blessed with the opportunity to grow up in such a place.
When I think back to my childhood there, a smile crosses my face.

So many people rush through their lives and forget what money cannot buy.
Life wasn't meant to be wasted, because we never know when we might die.

It may seem simple, outdated and rustic to some who do not understand.
But, no matter what you think, there is true magic and beauty in that land.

My family stayed there for a reason, and it's not because they are shy.
To understand, you must go there and your let your imagination fly!

Until I left, I never knew I could miss something so intensely.
The hunger I feel for that lovely place overwhelms me immensely.

One day, I hope to return and visit for a much longer time.
Staying away from your family for too long should be considered a crime!

I also think of this place, whether it's night or day.
I want to go back soon and I really want to stay.

I like adventure and I enjoy seeing new places.
However, home is home and I'll always miss the familiar faces.

Nothing will ever compare to this place, no matter where I go.
I miss the changing leaves in the fall and I miss the snow!

Tennessee, I'll never forget your beauty and I'll never forget your love.
Living and growing in that state was a true gift from above!

Copyright Casandra Camp 2014

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